Joelle Kidd is a fiction writer, award-winning journalist and editor living in a book-filled basement in Toronto, Ontario. A lover of magazines, Joelle has worked as staff writer and editor for several local and national publications. She has covered a broad range of topics in her writing: food, culture, religion and spirituality, the arts, and more.

Her short fiction has been published in outlets including PRISM International, Prairie Fire, Living Hyphen and Feels Zine. Through her creative writing, she explores themes of time, empathy, generational knowledge, women’s labour and family. She is currently writing her first novel.

Joelle is an incoming MFA candidate in the University of Guelph’s Creative Writing program. She holds a bachelor of arts in English literature and has additional education in publishing and editing. An experienced editor, she is able to gently and thoughtfully guide projects through the editing process while still catching every stray dangling modifier. If you are interested in editing services, you can read more here.